What we do

CCG3 is your one stop shop for all your development’s telecommunication requirements. We are the first NBN trained and accredited provider and installers of telecommunications for residential and commercial developments. Through assisting in the design of and piloting the accreditation program with NBN, we are certified in Pathway design, Pit and Pipe design and Pit and Pipe Installation for multiple carriers.


Who we cater for

We cater for all developments from small residential projects and multi dwelling units, to broad acre estates and commercial developments. It doesn’t matter if you need to connect a new unit in the backyard, a multi-storey apartment building or a broad acre estate. We’re here to guide you through the process and ensure that all telecommunication needs are managed and delivered on time and on budget.


How we do it

CCG3 takes total control of the telecommunications and NBN installation process so that you don’t have to. Our process will cover the full life cycle of the development including, design, construction and council compliance (forms 1 & 2), along with the installation and connection of the retail service.


Why choose us

With over 24 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry and complex knowledge of telecommunication regulations, construction specifications and council compliance, what sets us apart is our ability to solve complex issues before they arise and stop delays from occurring throughout the whole process. 

Pathway Design Lozenge & Wordmark_Lozenge_nbn trained_Pathway Designer_Lozenge.png


The NBN Pathway Designer accreditation qualifies CCG3 to provide your development with NBN approved pathway designs that meet all compliance requirements.


CCG3 is fully accredited for NBN approved Pit and Pipe design, qualifying us to provide your development with best practice, cost effective designs that meet compliance requirements.

nbn trained_Pit and Pipe Installer_Lozenge.png


We are fully accredited as a pit and pipe installer for NBN and other carrier networks. Remove complexity and allow us to ensure what we design is built to standards first time.,


Our NBN trained and certified designers will make an assessment of your development, and through collaboration with you, your builder and/or engineering consultants, will provide you with a best practice and cost effective design.


Council compliance

Working with councils to secure planning permission can be a notoriously long and frustrating process, which is why we have included council compliance as a service we provide to take the complexity out of the process.



CCG3 can offer construction and installation of Pit and pipe, rectification works, network relocation, exchanges, and lead in conduits. Our construction team specialise in telecommunications and are versed in the current regulations, unlike standard electricians.



Having problems with a service connection?Through our partners, we can provide an interim service connection where nbn, Telstra or other providers are too costly or simply can’t.



With over 30 years experience in the industry and working closely with councils and industry partners. We understand the process intimately and are proactive in controlling the process rather than reactive.


From the network design, compliance to construction and through our partners the delivery and management of the end service. CCG3 delivers a truly turn key solution for developments in telecommunications


With strong relationships with NBN and Telstra coupled with a deep understanding of council requirements, we understand how delays can be costly and will keep you updated every step of the way with your own portal to monitor the steps and the progress of your development.