Our NBN trained and certified designers will make an assessment of your development, and through collaboration with you, your builder and/or engineering consultants, will provide you with a best practice and cost effective design.

The designs you receive are guaranteed to meet all NBN standards and requirements and will take into consideration all other utilities on your site to minimise risk of delays down the track.

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Working with councils to secure planning permission can be a notoriously long and frustrating process, which is why we have included council compliance as a service we provide to take the complexity out of the process.

CCG3 have been involved in advising and providing compliance documentation to councils since the inception of Amendment VC81, introduced on 18 February 2013.

If you need Forms 1&2 or a Provisioning Letter, we’ll arrange it for you!



CCG3 can offer construction and installation of Pit and pipe, rectification works, network relocation, exchanges, and lead in conduits. Our construction team specialise in telecommunications and are versed in the current regulations, unlike standard electricians.  

If you have engaged us to design the network and provide the compliance, it makes send to use CCG3 to construct your network as well. By providing the full remit of services we can minimise errors and delays resulting from audit requirements as well as create efficiencies for delivery to ensure your development is constructed in accordance to regulations.


Relocation of Existing Network

Do you have an existing Telstra or nbn pit located in your new driveway that needs moving? Is there existing network infrastructure that needs to be relocated for your new development? Having problems with contacting the right people? Don’t know what to do or who to contact?

CCG3 can help! We have been in Industry Specialist for over 20 years. CCG3 was a Panel Contractor with Telstra Network Integrity (NIS) for over 15 years. In this time we designed and constructed network relocation projects for and on behalf of Telstra for new developments where the network was impacted by the new development works. This included relocating large network assets, pit and pipe, manholes, Mains cables, Nodes and CMUX equipment as well as fibre optic network cabling even small pits in driveways. If you’re having trouble with relocation a pit that is in your new driveway or any other infrastructure that needs moving, Contact us and we’ll arrange it for you.



Having problems with a service connection?

Through our partners, we can provide an interim service connection where nbn, Telstra or other providers are too costly or simply can’t.

In areas where NBN are delayed, CCG3 can get you turned on with internet and phone lines, and provide a seamless transition to NBN once it is available.


Project management

Quality project management is key to a smooth running development, and our experienced Project Managers are here to guide your development through the whole process from design and compliance, to construction and connection. With 20 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, our comprehensive knowledge allows us to minimise any risk of delay throughout your development and fast track any unavoidable interruptions.