2 - 3 LOTS

pain free provisioning

Within Victoria, CCG3 has been involved with providing compliance to councils since the inception of VPP 66.01 VC81 Advisory Note 49 in February 2013 and understands the complexities in achieving compliance in developments. Offering solutions to speed up the compliance process. If its Forms 1&2 and or a Provisioning Letter you need, we can arrange this for you through our Pain Free Provisioning Process.



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Whilst the CCG3 Pain Free Provisioning Process is similar to the processes followed with smaller 2 to 3 lot developments, if your development consist of four (4) or more lots or is a townhouse, the process to achieve Statement of Compliance is significantly different you must achieve Practical Completion. nbnTM requires that: service plans are designed in AutoCAD; installation of the pit and pipe infrastructure and must be compliant with the Communications Alliance G645 (Fibre Ready Pit and Pipe Specifications); and, finished ground levels have been established and completed.


Apartments (MDU)

MDU made easy

All MDU buildings including residential apartments or mixed residential/commercial buildings now require fibre ready cable pathways to be installed throughout the building and into each unit or tenancy. For this to happen, an approved fibre ready cable pathway design must be provided. As one of Australia’s first accredited nbn pathway designer, we can assist you with your building design requirements and work with your engineers to achieve the spatial requirements for the MDF/Comms Room and building risers which if overlooked can be difficult to resolve.


broad acre estates

total solution packages

As one of the first nbn accredited/trained designers of pit and pipe infrastructure and MDU cable pathways in Australia, CCG3 will assess your development through collaboration with you, your builder or engineering consultants, we will provide you with a best practice, cost effective design that will not only meet nbn’s requirements but also take into consideration all other utilities so as to minimise the work required on site. Once our designs are approved, we will issue you with “For Construction” drawings. In addition to our design service, we can also provide the construction of the pit and pipe infrastructure. This enables us to fast track through the design and construction process, resolve any conflicts with other utilities assets including any offset or alignment issues and achieve practical completion ahead of schedule.